My Teacher’s Book?

Le livre de ma maîtresse ?

A dancer in a classroom

Audience // kindergarten (from 3-5 years old)

Duration // 20 mins – with an extra 10 mins for discussion

An odd character enters the class by surprise and starts to read the book instead of the teacher. The story they just read leaps out of the book and is enacted in the dance, to the pupils’s greatest joy!

A kindergarten classroom is a miniaturised world. We are giant and disproportionate, the play in scale is incredible! It is a real fictional setting. The furniture is so tiny, everything is at the level of the toddlers.

In kindergarten pupils are nomadic, pupils are mobile, pupils move around, pupils change places and occupy different spaces. This space literally overflows with pure creativity and endless possibilities. And in each classroom, as different as they may all be, there are tables grouped in islands and a regrouping corner, a square with 3 benches around a black board, the reading corner where the teacher reads stories, constructs her daily rituals, gives instructions and important information. It is the place where you re-concentrate, where the group exists, where we gather. This is where we place our audience after a few minutes into the performance, to tell them our danced story.

In this world, the teacher is not a function. They are Isabelle, or Pierre, Sébastien or Corinne. But who are we really? Father Christmas, an elf, a witch, a magician? Even if the little curly-haired blonde girl looks up to Emilie who has just entered and started the performance and says “oh, here is a dancer” without the slightest surprise!

Everything is possible and everything is true because it’s all true and false and we don’t care! Watch, she has a magic book. Oh… She is doing some magic. Mouths and eyes are wide open, faces are smiling. Bodies are dancing and imitating.


Choregraphy \ Émilie Buestel et Marie Doiret
Dancers \ Emilie Buestel, Marie Doiret, Julia Leredde, Cybille Soulier, Olivia Caillaud, Sylvie Klinger
Music composer \ Sébastien Berteau
Costume designer \ Séverine Thiébault
Artist Plastician \ Nicolas Marquet

Théâtre de l’Agora, Scène Nationale, Evry (91)
L’Atelline, Réseau la Diagonale, Montpellier (34)
Le CCOUAC/Cie Azimuts, Ecurey Pôles d’Avenir, Montiers-sur-Saulx (55)

Date of creation
January 2018, at la Filature, Bazancourt (51)


Download the full show’s folder by clicking here.

About My Teacher’s Book?

We offer to prolong our encounter with the children through dance. In all of the proposals we offer, we pay great attention to individualities and to their creative power. Each person will invent their own response depending on the game that we offer.

In the room where children express their motor skills, we will set sail on a boat, we will sail past islands, we will dive in the world of movements: big, small, soft, stuck to the ground… and will invent a thousand ways to move around, to dance and to have fun.

Contact the company to define a project together that you want to put in place.


Our triptych holds 3 different versions of a solo that we dance in the classrooms. It is based on the same principal, adapted to the following ages:

  • Kindergarden
    Le livre de ma maîtresse ? (My teacher’s book ?)
  • Elementary school
    Ma maîtresse? (My schoolteacher?)
  • High school
    Ma prof? (My teacher?)