Two dancers in an apartment

Audience // from 8 years old on

Duration // 30 mins

This enigmatic duo expresses the absence and the memory of places.

Obake44 is about the absence of people who haunt us or haunt the places in which we live. It also deals with the strange impression of feeling a presence.

Places inhabit us more than we inhabit them.

A character enters and exits an apartment, sharing with the audience her intimacy, her repetitive and familiar gestures, her music, the noises she hears, the sounds she hears, and her whole universe. Another character appears and disappears, leaving little or no trace, passing and passing again. Doubt invades us, blurring our impressions and our idea of reality. Who is presence and who is flesh?


Creation, writing and performance Emilie Buestel et Marie Doiret

Nagasaki, Eric Faye (roman)
Locataires, Kim Ki-Duk (film)

Thanks to à Xavier Czapla et Damien Buestel pour leurs regards et conseils

Artist’s Residence
La Filature du Mazel, Valleraugue (30)

Premiered at
Hors Lits, Montpellier (34)


Download the full show’s folder by clicking here